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Our First JEMS Practitioner

Well done Emma, Weybridge Physio’s first JEMS practitioner


Physiotherapy and Active Ageing

Do you know how much exercise should you be doing? How long do you spend sitting every day?


More on the importance of posture

Here is another interesting Ted Ed video on the importance of posture.


More on the effects of sitting

We have been talking about Information Age Syndrome for a while now…


Gold for Weybridge at the Henley Masters Regatta

Congratulations to our Zoe and the rest of the Weybridge Crew for winning gold at Henley Masters this weekend


Smart Phones, Neck Pain and Headache

This is what is called a cervicogenic headache and we are seeing more people with this problem all the time.


2015 Weybridge Community Regatta

We are proud to be one of the Principle Sponsors of the 2015 Weybridge Community Regatta


Neck and Shoulder Pain

Over my many years specialising in the treatment of neck and shoulder problems, I have seen many patients with chronic pain and stiffness in the shoulder and arm.


Weybridge Rowing Club in Sport-in-Profile

As part of our ongoing partnership with Weybridge Rowing Club, we are really pleased to see them featured in Sport in Profile magazine.


The Neck and the Information Age

Talking to GPs at a training event I was invited to speak at, confirmed my belief that more and more people are experiencing problems like these related to our increased use of our mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops.


Our Clinical Rehab Gym

...is up and running, jumping, cycling, rowing and growing!!!

Have a look...

Silver Sculls 2014

Congratulations to Michael Ewing of Quintin BC on winning this year's Silver Sculls.

Our Team with LJ Lee

Michael, Julie and Catherine with Dr LJ Lee, world renowned Physiotherapist and teacher, during the Thoracic Ring Approach™ & Integrated Systems Model for Disability & Pain series.

Our Team with England Rugby coach Stuart Lancaster

Jeremy, Tara and Adele with Stuart on the morning of the Weybridge Community Regatta


Surrey Cycle Classic 2014

The Surrey Cycle Classic came past our front door again this year…

The 10 types of runner…

Here is an interesting article from the BBC…

Read the article

Silver Sculls in the News

Having being a main sponsor of Weybridge Rowing Club for the last 5 years, we are really pleased to see how we the club is developing and the great results that the Juniors are achieving. Have a read of this article in the Rowing and Regatta about the Silver Sculls…

Download article...

Weybridge Rowing Club leads the way

Congratulations to Crews from Weybridge Rowing Club have won more than a few pots at this year's Silver Sculls.

Here is one of the Weybridge Crews in an advert for Win Tech.

Gillian the Stair Climbing Queen

Gill has continued in her super human ways. She was the fastest woman to the top of the Gherkin only 50 seconds slower than the fastest man!

Well done Gilly, you show us all a blistered pair of heels!!!

See the link below…

Gillian’s Winning Ways

Gill has been at it again, winning the Swinley Duathlon and coming third in the Winter BallBuster at Box Hill. Nice one GB!!!

Gillian Cycles over the Alps

After the Iron Man, Gill thought it would be a good idea to do the TransAlps mountain bike race… Endurance sports? Gill is your Physio!!!

Gillian and the Iron Man

Gill finished the Nice Iron Man in an amazing time. She come third in her category, just missing out on qualification for the World Champs. Well done Gilly B!!!

Frontline Headache Article

One of team was recently interviewed for an article regarding the role Physiotherapy has in the treatment of Headache. This article appeared in the ... issue of Frontline, the publication of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

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