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Smart Phones, Neck Pain and Headache

Smart Phones, Neck Pain and Headache cover image

Below is an interesting article about first hand experience of what too much time with screen based devicese, like smart phones, can do to your neck.

Adam's story is a very common one, we regulary see patients with symptoms just like those he was experiencing (neck pain, headaches, dizziness etc). This is what is called a cervicogenic headache and we are seeing more people with this problem all the time.

Thorough assessment usually points towards the joints and muscles of the upper cervical spine (neck) as being the source of the pain. This typically responds very well to the specialist treatment and rehabilitation we provide. Treating the source of the pain is however only one side of the coin, you have to also address the movement patterns and habits that cause of the problem. 

This involves both retraining the alignment, control and strength of the neck and thorax as well as addressing the underlying daily habits and postures that cause the overloading of the upper neck.

For more about our spines in the information age see our other articles and blog posts.

While we don't agree with the label given to the problem or the main focus of the treatment detailed in the article, it does make for an interesting read. There is also a really good animation highlighting our obsession with our phones.

If you experience any of these symptoms, call us for specialised assessment and treatment.


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