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The OptiNeck® Programme

The user and maintenance manual of the neck

The OptiNeck™ programme is the result of many years of specialisation in the assessment, diagnosis and effective management of neck, shoulder and upper back pain and other conditions including headaches, nerve pain and dizziness.

Living in the information age, and all the time using screen based devices that comes it, places an unusual strain on our neck, upper back and shoulders (known as the upper quadrant). This strain can cause many problems including neck pain and stiffness, shoulder and arm pain, trapped nerves and headaches.

This is what we refer to as Information Age Syndrome.

Think of the OptiNeck™ programme as the user and maintenance manual for the neck. It will help you get a better understanding of how your neck works and give you the tools and understanding to give it the best chance of being happy and healthy, both now and in the years to come.

The OptiNeck™ Blog...

The aim of this programme is help you achieve sustainable balance, control and mobility of the neck, upper back and shoulders: to Optimise function of your neck and upper quadrant.

This will not only help to address the cause of many headaches, neck pain and shoulder problems but also help to reduce the strain that leads to wear & tear, keeping you moving better for longer. 

If you have been suffering with neck pain and stiffness, headaches, shoulder & arm pain, upper back pain ("pulled muscles in the shoulder blade") or are concerned about the effect your posture may be having on your neck, we can help you.

"I feel empowered as I now have control of any potential neck pain.  I no longer live in fear of daily pain so consequently I enjoy life so much more."

Together with detailed assessment and a course of treatment where appropriate, the OptiNeck™ programme can put you back in control

The OptiNeck™ Programme has been developed by, and is exclusive to, Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy.

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A Patient's Perspective...

"I have been seeing my GP for many years now for headaches/migraines and she suggested I see Michael O'Reilly.  I was getting daily headaches due to a long standing neck problem and it was negatively affecting the quality of my daily life.  I researched his work and although I liked the idea of following a programme , The Optineck Programme, I was sceptical as to how much it would help me as I had tried many things before.

At my first appointment Michael started me on the programme and did some hands on work on my neck.  I have been to Osteopaths and chiropractors for many years but I knew after that first treatment that his work was reaching the root of the problem.  I quickly learnt that improvement was only going to happen by consistently doing the exercises and that my neck pain reflected the amount of work I'd put in the previous day.

By week two my daily headaches had reduced and I began to feel optimistic that I could be headache free.  And within two months I was. 

Now, three months later, I can honestly say it has turned my life around.  It is a programme I have incorporated into my daily life, I know if I miss a day or two!, but it is well worth the effort.  I feel empowered as I now have control of any potential neck pain.  I no longer live in fear of daily pain so consequently I enjoy life so much more. The Optineck Programme gave me a choice and I am extremely grateful to have found it and embraced it.   

J M"

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