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Sports and Remedial Massage

Whether you are a serious athlete or confined to your workstation for most of the week you are placing your body under a wide range of stresses.

If you are an athlete...

When training, we are overloading our muscles and other soft tissues. This causes low level trauma with the result that the muscles get stronger.

This process of recovering and strengthening can be helped by Sports massage, including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release and Deep Tissue Massage.

If you are office based in a stressful environment...

Our bodies are designed to move. That is how we keep good circulation, our joints healthy and our muscles relaxed. When we spend long periods in static postures the circulation in our muscles decreases and even low level strain over an extended period, leads to muscle imbalances and postural dysfunction.

The more stressed we become, the harder muscles work, a bit like the volume being slowly turned up on the stereo until the noise is unbearable. Massage helps to address this overloading of the muscle system by identifying points of strain and overload, releasing them and improving circulation.

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