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Real-Time Ultrasound

Real-time ultrasound scanning and bio-feedback

Real time Ultrasound image comparing a normal Achilles Tendon with one showing signs of tendonitisWe offer our patients real-time ultrasound scans so they can see how well certain muscles are working.

The difference this makes to rehabilitation is astonishing. Real-time ultrasound allows you to see live pictures of the deep abdominal and spinal muscles and how well they are working. This can help you understand the function of key muscles and improve your ability to effectively perform exercises, making sure you are strengthening the right muscles.

The ability to retrain these muscles is key in treating certain types of low back pain and assists in reducing pain, improving function and preventing future injuries. Even the strongest of people can be using their muscles incorrectly so real-time ultrasound is useful for everyone!

The immediacy we get whilst using real time ultrasound means that patients can progress with their rehabilitation there and then and can witness their improvements first hand.

So, having an Ultrasound Scanner means our patients can:

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