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Neck Pain First Hand

Neck Pain First Hand cover image

For number of months I have been experiencing left arm pain, which I would describe as a dull ache going down the inside of my forearm and ending in a slight feeling of numbness in the ring and little finger.

I have also been feeling an occasional click in my elbow together with tightness on the left side of my neck.

These are all symptoms of a simmering lower Cervical nerve root irritation. The ache in the arm and slight feeling of numbness is down to the nerve conductivity being reduced be either mechanical pressure or chemical irritation/inflammation.

It is a bit like the effect that a broken down vehicle in the emergency lane of a motorway has on the passing traffic, it still passes by but instead of cruising happily at 70mph, everyone ends up doing 40mph.

As the saying goes, it is the cobblers wife (and in this case the cobbler) who goes unshod, I have not had the time to have one of my excellent Physio colleagues get things moving again. Therefore unsurprisingly, it had been dragging on until... we went to Cornwall for holiday where we had no wifi or mobile reception and therefore minimal screen time.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, all the symptoms resolved in a few days. However, a few days after getting back to work and the time in front of screens this involves, I am getting hints of the symptoms again.

So, what's the point of this tale? Living in the information age and the time we spend slumped in front of, or stooped over screens, places a huge strain on our necks and spines. We need to create the helpful habits of good posture and regular corrective exercise.

This is why we have created the OptiNeck Programme, the user and maintenance manual of the neck.

Look after your neck, it is the only one you have got!

Help me with my neck pain...

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