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Sciatica - How we can help you…

Sciatica - How we can help you… cover image

Rather than being a specific condition, Sciatica is the name commonly used to describe buttock and leg pain (and other symptoms such as pins & needles and numbness) where these symptoms are caused by compression or irritation of the nerves in the lower back.

Typically, one or more of the spinal nerves that leave the spinal column in the lower back gets irritated somewhere along its course. This irritation can be caused by a bulging disc, inflammation or degeneration (wear & tear) in the lower back.

This can be a very painful and debilitating condition which needs to be thoroughly assessed to determine the causes and severity of the problem.

While in some cases, where the compression of the nerve is severe and unchanging, surgery may be required, most cases are best managed with conservative treatment such as specialised Physiotherapy.

Whatever the presenting symptoms, it is essential to get to the underlying causes of the mechanical overload in the lower back that resulted in the nerve irritation.

Very often these causes are the seemingly insignificant things we do every day such as our posture, lifestyle and working environment.

Effective treatment of sciatica depends on addressing not only the specifics of the neuro-muscular-skeletal system but also these underlying lifestyle factors.

Our Physios are experts at assessing, diagnosing and treating both the symptoms and the underlying causes of sciatica.

Let us help you get on to the road to recovery.

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