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Tara ‘s thoughts on running..

Tara ‘s thoughts on running.. cover image

As a busy Mum of 3, life can sometimes feel chaotic and demanding. I love my 3 children dearly, but they are often the reason I also need to leave the house and go for a run! I used to run to stay fit and play better netball. I now not only run to stay fit, but also for my mental health. I use my runs to clear my head and think about life. It is my 40 minutes of “me time”. If you have young children or a busy work life that may include lots of travel, here’s a few of my top tips to keep your running going:

  • A great pair of trainers. I love Asics and always have. After a gait assessment years ago, I have stuck with them. They suit my feet and feel supportive. The Weybridge Sports shop is a great local place to go for your trainers. A run app. I use the Nike + Run Club. This is a chance to get some feedback on your run - time of run, splits per km/mile, elevation covered.
  • Some good music. I listen to music as distraction and often find myself running to the beat of a song. My music will always include some Take That but I appreciate this is not everyone’s taste! Music Apps lets you choose a playlist by BPM (beats per minute).
  • Park Run - this is an amazing organisation which now runs Internationally. You will find Park Run in most local parks on a Saturday morning at 9am. I have been doing these on and off over the last 12 years, (netball and pregnancies allowing).  www.parkrun.org.uk/
  • A goal. I always have a training goal in mind. Try to book yourself in for an event. It may be a 10km, may be a half marathon. We all need a goal to work towards to give us that extra bit of motivation to run. I am booked in to the River Thames Spring Half Marathon on the 4th March 2018. This will be my 3rd half marathon after having had my 3 children. My times are still not where I would like them to be, but I’m making progress, slowly!
  • Variety - I teach Pilates and love to use that as my Strength and Conditioning. I would recommend all runners have something else that they enjoy to complement their running – Pilates, cycling / spinning, swimming, a gym class or a stretch class. There are great options available locally without having to pay for a gym membership.
  • Foam rollers - as I mentioned in my last blog, a must for all runners as that little bit of maintenance to muscles. Great to prevent or treat tight muscles.
  • Hydration. I will always run better and faster if I am fully hydrated. This means swapping that extra coffee for a glass of water.

If running is something you would like to try but are unsure where to start, this is where our Team at Weybridge & Walton Physiotherapy can help you. I’d love to see you, have a chat and complete a running assessment on the treadmill. The NHS ‘Couch to 5km’ programme is brilliant for new runners and there are lots of local run clubs around if you would rather run in a group.

There’s nothing stopping you. Who knows, the London Marathon may become your goal next year?

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